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iScooter Smart Electric Self Balacning Two Wheel Hoverboard

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Brand: iScooter
Battery: 4.4Ah,36V Lithium-ion
Max Speed: 10km/h
Max Distance: 15-20km
Max Tilt: 15°-30°(based on rider's weight)
Motor: Dual 350W Motor
Work Temperature: 10 degree centigrade -40 degree centigrade
Max Load: 100kg
Charging Voltage: AC 110-240V  50-60HZ
Charging Time: 1-2Hours (30 Mins to 80%)
Speed Protection: 10km/h(contain)-15km/h(no contain)
Size: 584*168*178(mm)
Tire Size: 170mm
Weight: 12kg

Safety Measures
1. Tilting Protection: 45° Side-to-side on average (Electric Scooter motor stalls when tilting over 45° )
2. Speed limit protection: Activated at 15Km/h (Electric Scooter front part of pedal will rise to prevent further acceleration)
3. Low Battery Protection: Activated on 10% power battery (Front part of paddle will rise to decelerate will rise to decelerate till fully stop)
1. Power and Error Indication: LED Power Indicators (Red when turned on, blinks when protection activated. )
2. Battery Power: LED Power Level Indicators (Four bars on when over 85%; Off one by one as power level drops. )
3. Alert Sound: Beep (Beep when powered on; Continual beep when power level is dangerously low. )
4. Alert Sound: Long buzz (Long buzz when tilting sideways. )
Package Includes:
A. iScooter Smart Electric Self Balancing Hoverboard
B. User Manual
C. Charger
D. Warranty Card

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