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8-inch Smart Balancing Scooter w/Bluetooth + Bag

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8-inch Two Wheel Smart Electric Scooter
w/Bluetooth + Speaker + Bag

High quality two wheel self balancing smart electric mini scooter

Double balancing system helps keep you in balance

Security protection: tilting protection, speed limit protection, low battery protection

A revolutionary green product for personal transportation that can be easily carried around on bus or subway



  • 1. High efficiency, low consumption, safe and convenient
  • 2. Auto electricity off if not in operation
  • 3. Emergency protection when lose control
  • 4. 3 pieces gyroscope inside, stable balance status
  • 5. Battery status display
  • 6. Small size, light weight, portable
  • 7. High quality and support
  • 8. Waterproof design
  • 9. Smart and easy to operate
  • 10. High efficiency energy recovery, when you are driving down hill or braking, it will recover the energy to prevent power consumption
Li-ion battery:36V*4.4AH (158WH)
Engine Power :500-1000W
Charging time :1--2hour
Max Cruise speed :10-15 km/h
Max load :110kg
Max climbing angles : 15-30°
Color: Black, Black&Red
Charger:AC 110V-240V 50-60HZ

1) This scooter uses gyroscope sensors to enable self-balancing. The inner workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, a 300Watt motor and a set of rechargeable Lithium-ion batteres.
2) Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate , break or others, by leaning forward or leaning backwards.
3) With a full charge it has a range of roughly 35km and a highest speed at 10km/hr.
4) This scooter is a green product helpful tool in commuting. It can be easily carried around on bus or subway. Also it is a funny entertainment tool as well as skateboard.
5) Certification: CE, FCC & RoHS.



Safety Measures

1 Titlting Protection: 45° Side-to-side on average (Electric Scooter motor stalls when tilting over 45° )

2 Speed limit protection: Activated at 15Km/h (Electric Scooter front part of pedal will rise to prevent further acceleration)

3 Low Battery Protection: Activated on 10% power battery (Electric Scooterfront part of paddle will rise to decelerate will rise to decelerate till fully stop)



1 Power and Error Indication: LED Power Indicators (Red when turned on, blinks when protection activated. )

2 Battery Power: LED Power Level Indicators (Four bars on when over 85%; Off one by one as power level drops. )

3 Alert Sound: Beep (Beep when powered on; Continual beep when power level is dangerously low. )

4 Alert Sound: Long buzz (Long buzz when tilting sideways. )


Package Includes

A. 8-inch Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter 

B. User Manual

C. Charger 

D. Warranty Card

E. Carrying Bag

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